Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New year

It's already 2009 & I haven't done a post on this blog yet. We've been having lots of snow & I'm already sick of it. My new car does great in the snow & getting up & down our driveway. I've been getting organized & getting rid of a ton of things. Tara is talking more. Some new words she's saying are
Ticka ticka for Tickle
zip for zipper
nana for banana
She also said "two" today & Anthony said she said nose & cheeks the other morning. I'm working on getting her in a weekly playgroup, but haven't heard back from the girl in charge. So that probably either means it's full or they're waiting for enough people to start a new 1. She will be going to the monthly playgroup on the 21st. She'll also be 18 months old on the 21st & she can get into the story hour at the library. So I have to call on Feb 2nd & register her.
We got our new tv hooked up in the living room finally on Saturday night. I like it a lot.

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